Access Control

Access Control

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Take control of your premises with a control system that works for you.

Steele Security offers a number of solutions to secure your site and allow access only to those authorized. Steele Security can provide Access control equipment by keytag swipe technology, access cards with pictures, wireless entry keyfobs, security guards on site or a combination of any of these.

Access control systems can be designed to allow different levels of security for each user (ie: visitor cards may allow entry to waiting room only, whereas managers cards would open any door in the building.) Systems can be integrated to work with security alarms, with cameras or verified by guards on site.


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ULC Certified
Steele Security is now a certified partner with Underwriters Laboratories ULC Fire monitoring and Installations.
24/7 Monitoring
With our systems there is always someone there that you can reach.
Steele's Security Tip
Tip #23 • Locks
A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. Find out how to make your locks really lock. Read More.
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