Remote Video Monitoring

Steele Security 24 hour Remote Video Monitoring has arrived!  Our professional staff monitor your business or construction site 24 hour a day using state-of-the-art Hi Def cameras and strategic infra red sensing technology. This proven system is the number one guard alternative that works flawlessly in or out doors and will save you thousands of dollars a month in security.

More efficient, still insured..Steele Security - 24 hour Remote Video Monitoring

  • Exclusive to the lower mainland
  • Police / Guard Response
  • 24 hour reliable coverage
  • YOU can watch at anytime
  • Works in all weather
  • Very cost effective
  • Insurable option for onsite protection

Avoid unnecessary guard expense with this cost effective system that even you can view from your own home! Once installed our monitoring station will monitor 24 hours a day. Harsh winds, rain or snow will not affect this proven system.


The ability to catch a criminal act in progress and record the act in Hi Def while dispatching the police!

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Streaming right to your phone or computer
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ULC Certified
Steele Security is now a certified partner with Underwriters Laboratories ULC Fire monitoring and Installations.
24/7 Monitoring
With our systems there is always someone there that you can reach.
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