Surveillance Security Cameras, CCTV

Record everything that happens with a Steele Security Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) designed specifically for your needs. Digital Video Recorders ( DVR’s) can record events 24 hours /day whether someone is on site or not. DVR’s can be installed on site for easy access or at a separate secure location. Cameras can be designed to capture people, events or license plates. Add zoom lenses to view activity from a kilometer away or add night vision to record in the dark. Cameras can be mounted in a fixed position or mobile to view a 360 degree area. Steele Security has pinhole cameras for discrete recording or IP cameras to view your site over the Internet from anywhere in the world!



Shaped like a bullet or barrel, the mounting bracket style typically used on a bullet camera allows for the most flexibility in aiming the camera. The sun shield on most bullet cameras will help keep the sun from directly hitting the lens on sun-lit walls and also shields them from direct snow and rain.



DomesSteele Security Dome Camera

Dome cameras are great for indoor and outdoor applications and tend to be less obtrusive and more vandal resistant as they are not easily moved or dislodged. Great multipurpose security cameras.



Box Cameras

Used for indoor applications or in outdoor camera enclosures. They feature interchangeable lenses allowing the installer to pick a very specific lens or varifocal lens to meet the application. 



PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom)

PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) are a great way to cover a large area with only one camera. As the name suggests, the camera can be controlled to turn side to side, up and down, and zoom across huge areas. Companies will often place PTZ cameras on the corners of their buildings because they have the ability to capture descriptions of every person and vehicle that comes on their property. Every license plate will be recorded and saved in the event it is required later. PTZ cameras can be controlled onsite in real time, or from an off site location. 


Auto Tracking PTZ

Combine the technology of PTZ cameras with intelligent tracking and video analytic. These cameras will follow movement without the need for an operator. The camera is designed to detect what it sees, zooms and focuses on it then follows it as it moves.


A DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is generally required, and in most cases, the DVR is the most important part of your camera system. It is important to choose the correct DVR to provide the functions needed for the application. The DVR is the replacement for older VCR and multiplexers. DVR's record everything in real time at the same time as displaying on screen. Multiple screens can be setup for multiple locations to view at the same time. With the use of hard drives the storage capacity can be adjusted meet the site specific needs. Every DVR from Steele Security will have network capabilities to function on a local internal network or externally from a remote location.

With the help of a free app available on your smart device, you can view your site from anywhere in the world.

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