Tip #1 - Insurance tip

Do you have an existing system? No problem, our professionals will get that system working for you. Contact Steele Security today. Save on your home insurance!

Tip #11 - Just moved in?

Just moved in? Be sure to change your locks as you never know who still may have a key. And then give us a call to get your security system working for you.

Tip #12 - Smoke Detectors

You can add monitored smoke detectors in your home or integrate what you already have ask us how!

Tip #13 - Wireless FOB

You can arm and disarm the alarm from a click of a button with a wireless FOB upgrade call today!

Tip #15 - Insurance savings

Did you know you can save up to 15% on your home insurance with fire monitoring! You will also receive a discount for having a burglar alarm installed as well

Tip #23 - Locks

A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. Control your locks from your phone ensuring your doors are safely secured.

Tip #26 - Security saves

Security monitoring not only helps protect your home or business it can also save you money! A monitored Steele Security alarm can save you 10% or more on your home insurance.

Tip #33 - Yard Protection

Have a large yard? Photo beams can alert you to a presence or set your alarm off.

Tip #39 - No phone line? No problem!

No Land line? No problem! Steele Security has a wide range of solutions including cellular GSMs and internet communications.

Tip #40 - Never be alone

Add a wireless panic button to your alarm system. You can use your panic or medical life line anywhere in your home.

Tip #53 - Glass Break

With a glass break sensor installed into your alarm, if a window or glass door is broken your home alarm will go off instantly!

Tip #63 - No place to hide

If you have a lot of dark areas outside your home at night. Steele Security recommends that you add exterior lighting to your home to deter would be criminals.

Tip #66 - Referrals

Protect your family and friends while saving you money! Steele Security has a generous referral program. Refer a friend or family member today.

Tip #71 - Remote Viewing

Have cameras? Steele Security can get your cameras online so you can view them from your computer or phone from anywhere in the world!

Tip #84 - Battery

When was your alarm battery replaced? Our systems will let you know when it's time. Call us and we will replace your batteries for you

Tip #86 - Don't Share your Alarm Code

Your alarm system can have up to 40 unique codes. We recommend that instead of sharing a code, give everyone their own to avoid issues later on. You can also find out who last turned the alarm on or off

Tip #88 - See at night

Are your current cameras having a hard time seeing at night? Steele Security can offer a wide range of IR night vision upgrades and products!

Tip #92 - Car theft is on the rise

Car theft is on the rise there are a few things you can do to help not let your vehicle fall victim. Ask us for free advice today!

Tip #100 - Always be prepared

Always be prepared! Lock your doors and arm your alarm when you leave even if its for a short period of time. Our systems make it easy!

Tip #110 - Did you know ?

Did you know that 80% of break-ins happen through doors and windows ? As a first level of building protection your windows and doors must be protected from unwanted intruders.

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Tip #1 • Insurance tip
Do you have an existing system? No problem, our professionals will get that system working for you. Contact Steele Security today. Read More.
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